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Taking screenshots is an awesome feature: Essentially, you’re creating a snapshot of your current work on the given device — and sharing it with the whole world to see. Screenshots can inform people, tell stories, and help us be more productive.

It’s possible to take screenshots via dedicated software — but this would require you to install a program and maybe pay for it. If you don’t feel like cluttering your device with multiple apps, a great alternative is using a Chrome extension — and this is where PicFlip comes to rescue.

PicFlip is a Chrome extension for screenshot capture. It’s free, easy-to-use, and blazingly fast. In addition, it offers helpful utilities that expand its functionality even further. Let’s take a closer look at its main features and how to use PicFlip to capture screenshots. Additionally, PicFlip offers a Pro version that features extended functionality.

PicFlip screenshot capture features

PicFlip offers many useful utilities that make it easier for you to take screenshots. Here are the most essential ones:

Capture the full page or a custom area: In some cases, taking a snapshot of the entire window is necessary to showcase the bigger picture; in other cases, you only want to highlight a specific area — maybe you’re giving instructions to someone. Either way, PicFlip gives you full freedom to capture exactly what you want.

Edit screenshots: Sometimes, you may need even more tools to underline what’s important in the screenshot you just shared. PicFlip got you covered: It offers helpful utilities you can use to edit screenshots: For instance, you can add text to create annotations.

Save screenshots as PDF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG files: Different file formats offer different advantages and disadvantages — and PicFlip lets you choose the file format you prefer to save your screenshot. Here’s a quick rundown of these formats: PDFs are optimal when you’re planning to print the screenshot or want to ensure it can be read by a device like an e-reader; JPEGs use compression to decrease file size; GIFs allow animation; PNGs don’t use compression and are well-suited for keeping the screenshot crisp and clear.

PicFlip, the free Chrome extension for capturing screenshots

PicFlip is free: You can use the most essential features of this Chrome screenshot capture extension without having to pay a single cent. PicFlip doesn’t force you to watch ads to gain access to the extension — instead, you can use the Basic version without any restrictions.

Additionally, PicFlip offers a Pro version that makes taking screenshots even easier and faster — here are a few reasons why you should try the Pro version:

PicFlip Pro version: Even more features for better screenshot capture

Saving screenshots as PDF documents with links: This feature makes creating annotations even better — you can embed links to link certain screenshots elements to web pages. A good example is linking to a user manual or a help page. Also, you can capture all active browser tabs and save the screenshot as a single PDF file.

Screenshot a custom area: To draw a person’s attention to a particular app/website segment, use this feature to take a screenshot of a custom area: for instance, capture a user profile or a text segment.

Edit the screenshots in different ways: PicFlip Pro provides even more extensive editing capabilities: You can resize and crop the image for better readability; add arrows and texts to create annotations and draw people’s attention to a particular screenshot area; additionally, you can apply custom effects like blur.

Upload the screenshot to OneNote: This allows you to be more flexible and keep your screenshots in cloud storage for easy access later.

Upload the screenshot to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google Picasa, EasyCaptures, ImageShack, and more: Upon taking the screenshot, you’re likely to share it with other people — and PicFlip makes it easier by letting you upload it to social media platforms and image hosting services in just a click.

Send the screenshot via email: Alternatively, you can use a more direct approach and send the screenshot directly via email, keeping it more private.